Craft Makerspace


Craft Makerspace is an online educational community for sharing handcrafted knowledge. We welcome sourdough connoisseurs, weavers, 3-d printer enthusiasts, game designers, coders, welders, and any person who enjoys making things from scratch. Our mission is to provide a supportive web community for people to share their handcrafted knowledge and projects with one another and to offer a fruitful space for peer-to-peer education and collaboration.

Craft Makerspace came from from many discussions with friends and acquaintances to see if it was possible to create a craft makerspace community that lived completely online. Notable hands that have helped with the development of this online community have been Addie Johnson, Jake Fee, Rebecca Brooker, and Celine Park, and Tiana Dueck. This space was concieved and is maintained by Christina Sadovnikov.

Craft Makerspace started as an open-source project with the intention of crafting a community by the community. We welcome everyone regardless of ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, disability, or religious beliefs. We are committed to cultivating and maintaining a symbiotic, supportive, and inclusive environment for all who join. Great care has been put into the development and maintenance of this project, and we ask that you help us to continue making this a welcoming space for everyone.

Please view our Code of Conduct which outlines our expectations for community members and actionable steps taken for unacceptable behavior. These guidelines apply to our website, affiliate online communities on Neocities and Gathertown, and in-person events.