Craft Makerspace

Code of Conduct

General Expectations:

General Unacceptable Behavior:

Consequences to Unacceptable Behavior:

Any behavior of members, guests to the site, project developers, and project leaders that is deemed as unacceptable under the Code of Conduct will not be tolerated. We have a Two-Strike Policy for Unacceptable Behavior with any person(s) on the site or on affiliate site platforms.

Strike One:
If you are reported to have unacceptable behavior your privileges will be revoked. i.e. if you are a community member you will no longer be allowed to attend community meetings, publish work on the website, or contribute to publications.

Strike Two:
If you are reported a second time for unacceptable behavior, you will be banned from the website, affiliate site platforms, and events. We will communicate why the behavior is unacceptable upon your exit.

There are a few exceptions to the Two-Strike Policy if the behavior is deemed as dangerous to other users. This includes but is not limited to: We believe that people should have a chance to make amends to their behavior which is why we have adopted a Two-Strike Policy. If you would like to write a formal apology or have your status reconsidered please reach out to Christina Sadovnikov at


If you notice any behavior that breaks the Code of Conduct, send an email to reach out to to have it on file. If possible, reach out to the person conducting unacceptable behavior ask them to stop and state your reasoning. If you do not feel comfortable, please reach out to Christina Sadovnikov at Report unacceptable behavior as soon as it starts so we can address it before it becomes an unsafe environment for you or any person(s) using the site or attending an event. You will hear back via email from a project leader no later than 2 days from when the email. Actions to resolve the issue will be taken before we notify you.