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Craft Makerspace hosts online workshops, meetups, and talks every now and then on Gather.

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Upcoming Events & Opportunities:

Event schedule will resume in May 2022


🧭 you are here
Open to Everyone
Price: FREE
Date: 11/20/21
Time: 2-5 pm EST
Location: Chimborazo Park, Richmond, VA

Join us for a workshop outside where we will do activities based around mindful navigation practices by engaging with botany, design, and land survey work. This workshop is co-organized by Anya Shcherbakova and Christina Sadonikov.

🤏 Tiny Laser Cut Loom Workshop
Instructor: Christina Sadovnikov Open to Everyone
Price: $15
Date: 10/16/21
Time: 1-4pm
Location: HackRVA, 1600 Roseneath Road, Suite E Richmond, VA 23230

For this workshop we will learn how to laser cut looms from one piece of plexiglass using the laser cutter available at HackRVA. Then, we will dive into basic loom terminology & history, and we will weave a tiny fabric coaster. Everyone will leave with a laser cut loom and a swatch of fabric woven by hand!

Notes: Bring some scrap yarn for weaving!

🌌 Open Craft Night
Open to Everyone
Date: 8/18/2021
Time: 6-9pm (EDT)

Open Craft Night is a time to work on a project and hang out with cool folks! Bring any project (like the game your building, the shoes your binding, or the wiki page your editing) and heck invite a friend, too! Drop in anytime and work for however long you want. Can't wait to see you soon!

🎉 Welcome Party: Crafted Object Show & Tell
Open to Everyone
Date: 7/23/2021
Time: 6:00pm-8:00pm (EDT)

This is our first event with our newly-launched site. Woohoo! Scour your space and grab an object you've made or altered by hand. We will go around our screens sharing each of our objects along with why we made/modified them. Once we are finished sharing, we will talk about our dreams for kindling a supportive online craft and tech community. Come prepared with questions and ideas for what you would like to see emerge from this website.